Weather Computer Sky 4​

Weather Computer Sky 4​

Temperature control with weather station

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  • Climate computer
  • Controls 8 gear motors individually
  • Measurement of wind direction and wind speed
  • Individual rain and wind restriction of each curtain
  • Variable start-up of each curtain
  • Output for heating, alarm, spraying and soaking
  • Connection of fans for air circulation
  • Curtain cleaning function
  • Comes standard with 1 indoor sensor, 1 outdoor sensor, weather vane and rain sensor
  • Four different temperature ranges, each with its own temperature sensor
  • Possibility to combine the four sensors for average temperature
  • Can receive signals from other controllers, such as an electrician
  • Clear menu with a modern enter and arrow function such as Windows
  • Three layers of memory: User, Technology and Factory

Sky 4 has eight exits, which can be used for the curtains, among other things. Heating or ceiling fan can also be connected to these outlets. The control can receive signals from other controls, which for example control a spreading machine, in this way it can be controlled that the curtains have to roll when spreading in the barn.

The controller has been given a clearer menu with a modern enter and arrow function, which is very similar to Windows. At the same time, there are three layers of memory: (User, Technology and Factory). In this way, you have the opportunity to have your own settings that you can adjust, but at the same time you have the opportunity to return to the basic settings that the technician has planned for setup.

Sky 4 has been given a more flexible control of the average temperature, so it is now possible to determine for how long a period it should calculate average temperature. There is also a possibility that all curtains are controlled individually, if you do not want the same control of them all.

The new controller also has the option of external battery backup, which may be a legal requirement in some situations.