Dr. Sherlock Graph​

Dr. Sherlock Graph​

Temperature - Alarm

  • Alarm monitoring of 10 temperature inputs and outdoor temperature
  • Perfect overview and easy-to-use inputs can be named
  • Voice mail / phone call functions can be provided for installation.
  • Min / Max alarm limits and relative to normal temperature
  • Possibility of heat wave compensation on REL and alarm limits
  • RS 485 communication port
  • Data logging with graphical display of temperature curves
  • Possibility of "soft" alarms and alarms only during daytime
  • Available with GSM module (Mobile network)
  • Also available in languages ​​other than Danish

User-friendly operation

  • The right-hand dial gives quick access to the clear menus.
  • Left rotary switch is used to select input for any changes to alarm limits, etc.
  • Alarm states are indicated in clear text
  • Logical structure and explanatory text make the manual virtually redundant.
  • Display and ability to change phone call functions.


  • Entries can be named as saying.
  • Changes are automatically transferred to the voice computer.
  • Each input can be selected either as temperature monitoring or as ON / OFF input (feed or similar)

Perfect overview

  • Display shows all temperatures and alarm status for each input
  • Everything is served from the panel
  • No thermostats need to be set for each room


  • Min / Max absolute temperature alarm
  • Min / Max relative temperature alarm relative to "normal temperature" which is a measured average from kl. 6 o'clock 7
  • In addition to lightning / transient protection, there are also filters for short-term (insignificant) alarms.

Graduated Alamer

Each input can be selected to alarm as required:

  • with both horns and phone calls.
  • only horns
  • only during daytime hours
  • only as beep and on request (soft alarm)

Compensation for heat wave

  • One can avoid error alarm on hot days by activating a summer surcharge = number ° C as the indoor temperature is allowed to exceed the outdoor temperature.
  • Can be set individually for each entry.


  • Alarm for error - short circuit and cable break - on inputs.
  • Alarm at low supply voltage.
  • Temperature sensors and control panel are IP 65.
  • Option for automatic battery test every day at 8.00
  • Possibility of weekly / monthly test calls

Graphic view

In an easy and straightforward manner:

  • curves of temperature course
  • Highest and lowest value
  • Alarm mode

Speech Processor

Message in clear speech as well as SMS

  • Voice mail makes alarm calls per. Phone with message in clear speech. Also GSM cellular network
  • Remote control of all functions from the phone.
  • Can send alarm messages as SMS and receive receipts, queries and settings as text messages


There is a built-in RS485 port for PC and voice computer

  • Communication with PC for presentation of curves of temperature ranges. Remote control - eg. setting alarm limits. Stop and start monitoring inputs. This can also be done via the telephone network using a modem.
  • Using voice cameras, queries and controls can also be made via the telephone network.


  • Expandable with multiple devices running on networks
  • Monitoring of O2 and pH as well as other parameters on request