Dr. Cropstore

Dr. Cropstore

Control of storage temperature

  • Controls ventilation / cooling and / or heating
  • Control for difference between indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Antifreeze
  • Controls control - mixing of outdoor air space air
  • Easy and easy operation
  • Drum kit after IP65
  • Alarm Function
  • Built-in data logging
  • RS485 port for connecting PC and voice computer that can alert in clear speech: Alarm cause and pronunciation of currently measured temperature

User-friendly operation

A combination of two rotary knobs provides quick access to all registers. Supplied with laminated A4 Sheets for operating Instructions.

2 room temperature sensors

Sensor # 2 can also be used to control recirculation damper using a servo motor, so that you can mix cold and outdoor air with the room air before blowing into the storage.


There is built-in frost protection, which sets a temperature, for example 1 degree during which the system can not be driven.

Data logging

There are built-in data logs that store all measurement values ​​as well as control parameters - with the corresponding time. Data can be displayed as curves on PC.

Dr. Cropstore has lots of other features can be contacted to hear about bla. Recirculation, Driving for difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, Alarm functions, Heat reset, Communication.