Dr. Gemini

Dr. Gemini

Climate control * 2

  • Control of 2 rooms from the same unit
  • Quick operation with rotary knobs
  • Temperature and humidity are controlled with specially optimized PID technology
  • Priority alarms
  • Built-in data logger - Data can be transferred to PC
  • Standard RS485 port for remote control from PCs or phones
  • RS485 local control / servomotor monitoring and speed controls - also makes installation easier


Dr. Gemini manages the climate separately in 2 rooms. The mode of operation is identical to Dr. Celsius, so the user can have both single and double syringes without thinking about it.


A combination of two rotary knobs provides quick access to all registers. Advanced features need not be difficult to use.


Alarm is transmitted via RS485. Alarms at both high and low temperature and moisture, as well as sensor errors. In case of faulty errors, the last good value is controlled. Local network monitors servo motors, fan speed regulator and cables.

Priority alarm

You can lower priority humidity and low temperature alarms, so they only advise with the beep from the control panel.

Prepared for outdoor temperature compensation of alarm. You can decide how much the indoor temperature must exceed the outdoor temperature.

Dr. Gemini has many more features including a variety of useful management features, Operational Safety, Installation, Data Collection and Communication, contact Rotor A / S for more information.