Dr. Celsius II

Dr. Celsius II

Climate computer

  • Quick operation with rotary knobs
  • Temperature and humidity are controlled with specially optimized PID technology
  • The ratio between the intake and extractor and the capacity of the plant can be made dependent on the outdoor temperature
  • Priority alarms and heat wave compensation of alarm
  • Built-in data logger - Data can be transferred to PC
  • Standart RS485 port for remote control from PCs and phones

User-friendly operation

A combination of two rotary knobs provides quick access to all registers. Advanced features do not have to be difficult to use.

Specially optimized PID technology

Dr. Celsius manages the difficult task of controlling both temperature and moisture without the one disturbing the other. Creativity, testing and many years of practical use in the most diverse environments have resulted in a specially optimized PID technology. Heat, wetting and ventilation are controlled intelligently, keeping the desired temperature and moisture with the least possible fluctuations.


  • Moisture is measured with robust wet / dry temperature sensors.
  • All inputs and outputs are transiently protected

Data logging

There are built-in data logs that store all measurement values ​​as well as control parameters - with the corresponding time. Data can be displayed as curves on PC.


RS485 communication port for network connectivity, provides a number of useful options:

  • Technicians can service by phone
  • Multiple controls can be common to one outdoor temperature sensor
  • From a PC you can retrieve log data and see how the system has run, shown as curves. And you can carry out daily monitoring and operation.

Dr. Celsius II has the ability to connect a audio computer, which provides a lot of benefits, such as alarm computer, remote control from the phone.