Newly developed controller Sky 4

Friday, 10 Nov 2017 09:01:41

​The new Sky 4 management that Rotor A/S is presenting at exhibitions and at cattle shows, has four different temperature areas with separate temperature sensor. It is also a possibility to combine the four sensors.

Sky 4 has eight exits that can be used for the curtains. Heat and ceiling ventilator can also be linked to these exits. The system can receive signals from other systems, so that the curtains will close when there are being sprinkled in the barn for an example.

The system has a clear menu with a modern enter and (pilfunktion??) that looks a lot like Windows. At the same time there are three layers of memory: (User, Technic and Fabric). In that way it is possible to have your own options that you can edit, but also have the possibility to go back to the basic setting that the service technician made.

Sky 4 has a more flexible control of the middle temperature so that it is now possible to decide for how long of a period it should rain with that temperature. It is also possible to control the curtains separately if you don’t want to control all at once.

With the new system you also have the possibility for an extern battery backup that in some situations is statutory requirement.

Rotor A/S are looking forward to meeting new customers at the exhibitions and cattle shows, where we also can get a talk about our other products.

Rotor A/S has received STARS 2016 for Sky 4


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